At Vegan Cakes by Monika, we pride ourselves on creating individual, unique cakes, perfectly suited to your needs – from a simple round cake beautifully decorated to a large hand sculptured masterpiece, each cake is individually made – designed to specifically suit your special occasion, to meet the number of serves you need and the different flavor combinations you prefer.

Many, many hours go into making these cakes – they are individually hand crafted. Baked from scratch, perfectly layered with your choice of filling, beautifully covered in rolled fondant or vegan Buttercream, and then perfectly decorated to suit your specific design. We do not mass produce our cakes, and do not carry cakes ‘in stock’. All cakes must be booked at least 2 week prior to pickup/delivery, to allow ample time to create your masterpiece.

Our sculptured cakes require considerably more time to ensure that every last detail perfectly matches the original design, from the initial carving of the cake, sculpting of cake toppers and finishing details.

Because of this, the price of your cake will depend on a number of things – the complexity of the design, the number of tiers, number of serves, the flavors chosen and the amount of time that needs to go into your cake.


Mini – Starts at $2.50 each

Signature – Starts at $4.00 each 

Minimum order is 12 in single flavor 


Pack of 12 Assorted DONUTS for $42

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